Septic Tank Pumping & Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tri-Lakes Area
Septic Tank Pumping & Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tri-Lakes Area

Pre-Purchase Inspections & Leach Field Maintenance in Tri-Lakes Area

Tri-Lakes Septic Service performs pre-purchase inspections and addresses leach field issues for prospective homeowners in the Lake Placid, Lake Saranac and Lake Pupper area.

Pre-Purchase Septic Tank Inspection

Prior to the sale of a home, a realtor often requests a pre-purchase inspection of the septic tank on behalf of the buyer. Our company will perform a pre-purchase inspection of a home's tank before you buy it.

A Septic Tank Inspection Includes:

- Locating & Digging up the Tank
- Visually Inspecting It
- Pumping the Contents
- Inspecting the Inside of the Tank for Holes or Cracks
- Checking Both Baffles to Ensure They're Intact

Determining Problems in the Leach Field

For homes located near a lake or stream, you can easily run water with dye into the septic tank(s) through the toilets to determine whether there are any leach field problems. If there are any leaks or problems with the leach field, then the water will build up in the tank. In addition, the dye helps you determine if there is any liquid leaking into the rocks.

Our company checks the distance between the well and the leach field to ensure there is at least 100 feet between them. We then check the size of the septic tank to ensure that it is adequate for the home. Finally, we check for any dripping water or leakage.

Drain Inspections

Prevent sewer gasses from coming into your home with an inspection of your home's drains. We ensure your drains all have p-traps for maximum safety.

Please contact us today for information about our septic tank services and to have your septic tank pumped.

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