Septic Tank Pumping & Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tri-Lakes Area
Septic Tank Pumping & Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tri-Lakes Area

Septic Tank Pumping & Sewer Drain Cleaning in Tri-Lakes Area

Keep your septic tank clean and in great condition with septic tank pumping from Tri-Lakes Septic Service, located in Lake Clear, New York.

Pumping Your Septic Tank

It is important to have your septic tank pumped every three to five years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of people living in your home. Having a septic tank pumped regularly helps extend the life of the leach field.

Our company uses a vacuum truck to pump septic tanks. Once the tank is pumped and cleansed, we'll dispose of the waste at the local municipal waste water treatment plant where it will be handled appropriately.

Tri-Lakes Septic Service also installs risers to help make future pumping easier. We install a cover that is closer to the ground surface for septic tanks that are buried more than two feet underground. We can also install filters on the outlet pipe going into the leach field. The filter will become plugged after the tank has gone an extended length of time without pumping, and serves as an indicator of when your next pumping is due without causing any damage to the leach field.

Many new tanks come from the manufacturer with filters that are already attached, but we can install these filters on existing systems as well. A septic tank pumping starts at $265, plus tax and the disposal fee for 500-gallon tanks.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Have your sewer drains unclogged with help from Tri-Lakes Septic Service. We also have a drain-cleaning snake to further clear out sewer lines.

Please contact us today for information about our septic tank services and to have your septic tank pumped.

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